As an opportunity arises, the Women’s Committee also hosts a Lecture. Recently, we have partnered with Johns Hopkins University to present topics combining art and science:

Dr. Gary P. Lees
Henry Walters’ Legacy: Illustrating Medicine
Dr. Lees, Director of the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, recounted how Henry Walters endowed this special program combining art and science 100 years ago and how the media of medical illustrators has evolved from beautiful hand drawing to stunning computer imaging.

Dr. Kay Jamison
Dr. Kay Jamison
Psychiatry and the Arts
Professor of Psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and co-Director of the Johns Hopkins Mood Disorders Center, Dr. Jamison shared her knowledge and expertise of art and the creative mind. Dr. Jamison is co-author of the standard medical text on manic-depressive illness, which was chosen in 1990 as the most outstanding book in biomedical sciences by the American Association of Publishers. She is the author of Touched with Fire, An Unquiet Mind, Night Falls Fast, Exuberance, and Nothing was the Same. Dr. Jamison has written more than 100 scientific articles about mood disorders, suicide, creativity, and lithium. She is the recipient of numerous national and international scientific awards, including a MacArthur “Genius” Award.